What a YEAR! (Youth, Empowerment, Action, Resilience). Do you want to join?
We invite you to be part of a project that we are presenting to the Erasmus + European Partners program, where you can add participants from your networks and organizations.
Building personal and group resilience for youth and youth workers in a post-pandemic context
For a week we generated a meeting circle, to exchange stories and experiences about the impact that the coronavirus pandemic and confinement has had on our lives and communities and especially among young people, who have come from different European territories.
We will share tools for emotional crisis management and the promotion of personal and group resilience, giving space to reconnect and rebuild dreams and vital projects. This reconnection with desired scenarios may inspire others, and positively impact our communities and create a laboratory to build new narratives that represent the futures we want to live (more humane, personally, socially and environmentally sustainable) and that facilitate actions. resilient that lead us to them.
We will design collective projects learning agile methodologies to work in complex contexts and with high uncertainty, providing participants with tools to dream, plan, act and celebrate the milestones of the project and its team.
The psychosocial health impacts of the pandemic are a fact; a high percentage of the Chinese population that suffered from confinement has symptoms of trauma. In addition, youth, specifically the millennial generation, have seen in a short period of time of just over 10 years, how two great crises have profound impacts on their vital projects (the economic crisis of 2008 and now the crisis derived from the coronavirus) .
Before facing the pandemic, we started from a scenario of ecological and social crisis, we see the current crisis as an opportunity to transform and create new models of life more in tune with a healthier and more balanced relationship between the environment and society.


With an action learning methodology, we invite young people and youth workers – through various dynamics that combine theory and practice – to become familiar with various tools for emotional management and conflict transformation in the personal and group, project design and change processes. All this combined with spaces for group creation and reflection, giving space for what is alive in the group to emerge.

METHODOLOGIES that we will put into practice:

Dragon Dreaming: Agile and Sustainable Project Design created by John Croft. wwww.dragondreaming.org
Process Work or Process Oriented Psychology, created by Arnold Mindell and colleagues. This methodology offers us tools to facilitate personal, group or social conflicts.
Methodologies and Facilitation of Community Participation.
Art and social theater applied to emotional elaboration.
Transition Design: it is an emerging practice within the field of design that works to create alternative lifestyles beneficial for the economy, society and the planet
Design Thinking: It is a methodology to generate innovative ideas that focuses its effectiveness on understanding and solving the real needs of people.
Location and Orientation Date *
We will carry out the training in a rural area of ​​the Community of Madrid and we will stay in a hostel for groups, for a week in the month of November 2021. *
* The dates may be modified depending on the travel policies that apply.


Red Amaltea Association is a diverse network of women professionals that accompanies processes of personal and organizational transformation, anchored in social and ecological values. We generate projects and trainings, developing services for social intervention, consulting, communication and facilitation.

The Association is a non-profit organization, our purpose is to generate a positive impact on the cultural, social and environmental dimensions. Our actions are:

Training, facilitation, coaching, advice and accompaniment of personal, group and organizational transformation processes (companies, NGOs, associations, public institutions …)

Develop Workshops and trainings that raise awareness and promote ecology and socio-environmental sustainability. Facilitate methods, tools and resources for social transformation based on artistic expressions.

Research, design and development of social innovation methodologies for community building, conflict resolution, deep democracy.

Consulting and training in agroecology projects: design, development and maintenance.

Perform communication work such as editing of materials, brochures and communication campaigns for awareness, education or dissemination in various formats: print, media, audiovisual and social networks.

In Red Amaltea we are specialists in various methods and practices for: Coaching, Facilitation, Community Building and Agile Project Management; such as Dragon Dreaming Project Design, OASIS Game (Elos Foundation / GSAmadrid), Processwork (Process Oriented Psychology), Deep Ecology and Art of Hosting.

Some outstanding projects that we have developed and been part of are: “Dragon Dreaming Workshop” in Kathmandu Nepal, “Dragon Dreaming Training” for Women LEAD Nepal. “Dragon Dreaming in Action” Guide for Trainers, (Erasmus+ project in partnership with organizations from Spain, Poland and Lithuania), “Rural CODES” (Erasmus+ project in partnership with partners from The Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and Spain), “Systemic Organizations”, “Deep Ecology” and “Dragon Dreaming” trainings in La Casa Encendida, Madrid Spain.


Beatriz Gallego Maraver- Founder and Facilitator.

Dragon Dreaming Coach and Facilitator, Group Facilitator, Conflict Resolution expert and is trained in Process Oriented Psychology (Processwork). She is the founder of the Red Amaltea Association (redamaltea.es) and has extensive experience in Communication and Marketing for the private and social sector: public institutions and NGOs. She is also Head of Communication of the Human Conflict Transformation Center (Director: Ana Rhodes) www.transformaciondelconflicto.es and Change Agent at www.14grapas.com.

We will have collaboration partners: AIM, Immaginaria Ideen Hoch, Creo Común y Red Amaltea.


  • Intrapersonal, Interpersonal and Systemic Facilitation
  • Conflict Resolution and Leadership
  • Change and Complexity management
  • Relationships management
  • Deep Democracy and Rank, Power and Privilege.
  • Agile Project Design and Management
  • Multidisciplinary Strategic Vision
  • Creativity and Design
  • Agile methodologies
  • Digital Transformation


Method Description

Dragon Dreaming (DD) is a holistic approach that combines the living systems theory and deep ecology with traditional methods of agile project design and management, in addition to the     ancestral wisdom of indigenous Australians.   This methodology is the result of work of over 30 years that has evolved thanks to the contribution of hundreds of thinkers, educators and change agents such as Gandhi, Paulo Freire, Jung, Joanna Macy, Scott Peck, Arnold Mindell, Marshall Rosenberg, etc …

Dragon Dreaming works with a four-stage process of creating Projects: Dream, Plan, Do and Celebrate, and 12 different phases of the project to use in your organisation. John Croft is the co-creator and leading advocate of Dragon Dreaming worldwide.Thousands of people and organizations from over 30 countries have participated in DD workshops and consultancies.

Dragon Dreaming can be applied to various purposes; for undertaking a project, the    creation of new products or services    and the implementation of structural changes and vision within an organization. Dragon Dreaming takes us out of our comfort zone to reach our maximum creativity, adopting at the same time a culture of win-win and authentic communication.


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